Dear Wellsprings Families,

We hope you are doing well in these uncertain times.  One thing certain is that Wellsprings Friends School is here for you!  Our teachers and staff have worked very hard and creatively to keep connected with all our students, and to provide continuing supplemental education (the opportunity for students to review or complete work from the term before we closed).  Following new Oregon Department of Education guidelines, beginning on April 13th, at the start of our new term, we will be shifting to a new system of offering credit-bearing assignments.  While we are still ironing out the details, much of this distance learning will be centered around email communication with teachers and online platforms such as Google Classroom and Khan Academy.

We know that engaging with these new technologies will be difficult for some.  We hope to help you through the process, whether you need hardware such as a Chromebook, or help navigating the sites.  If there are any additional needs, we will do our absolute best to meet them.

We ask that every student set up a gmail account if they have not already, and that they check it every school day beginning the 13th.  Teachers will also be available for “office hours” for video/ phone chats as needed.  While we understand that some students are more comfortable with hard copies of materials, and we are willing to accomodate any needs we can, we ask that for the safety of students, families and staff, that all attempts be made to work virtually first.

We wish that we could say when this will be over, but we must prepare for the increaingly likely possibility that this could be the way all schools in Oregon will be delivering curriculum until the end of the school year.  We hope that is not the case, but regardless, we will not let things such as physical distance and technological difficulties stand in the way of meeting the needs of our students, academically and beyond.

We encourge you to stay in touch.  Feel free to contact teachers/advisors, or Gen, Dennis, or Dawn.  Emails are welcome, and messages left on the office phone (541-686-1223) will be answered as soon as we can.

Take care.  Be safe.  Be well.  We will all get through this, together.