Dear Wellsprings Community,

 I am, with great excitement and humility, profoundly grateful for the opportunity to take on the Head of School role this coming year. With thanks to the Board of Trustees for their confidence in me, I will continue on with the work that former Head of School Dennis Hoerner has invested over the course of two decades, knowing that I have the privilege of contributing to the story that is Wellsprings.

These times of duress and accelerated change make the presence of our unique school all the more crucial. The need for young people to be presented alternative learning advantages from a nurturing community has never been more pressing, as we adapt to the challenges of learning in the era of COVID. Being the stubborn and pragmatic optimist that I am, I think our little school with a big heart may be just the right medicine for the unprecedented conditions that students now face.

I come to Wellsprings with a deep-seeded belief that genuine education evolves from human relationships. It takes a while to get to know someone. As you get to know me, I want you to grow comfortable sharing your thoughts and ideas. I want to learn with you. I love learning. I’m from a family of educators who taught me that combining passion and grit will bring you along the roads of life you’re supposed to travel. I love adventure! I’m thrilled that the next chapter of my journey is here at Wellsprings with all of you.  

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend a warm greeting to students, teachers, staff, parents, guardians, donors, alumni and community partners. I look forward to working in tandem with you during this school year; I assure you that my door will always be open to all in hopes that we will continue to make our school an example of educational and institutional success within the community.


Dante Zúñiga-West