Daily Life

Given these historic and unprecedented times, Wellsprings is electing to start safe. In order to meet the complex and shifting requirements of the upcoming school year, we have designed a robust Comprehensive Distance Learning Plan that will best serve everyone.

Our goal is to prioritize both the health and education of our student body.

The current "Start Safe" plan entails students attending online classes four days a week for two hours a day. Students will take four classes per term.

In addition there will be:

  • Additional assignments outside of class time
  • One on one time with teachers
  • Small group break outs with both teachers and the larger community
  • Allotted time for independent study
  • Virtual Circle every Wednesday

Students will be able to continue to work towards their graduation requirements on pace, with the same individualized focus - while maintaining the community connections - that Wellsprings has always provided. We are excited to provide the technology, materials and meals necessary for out students to learn.

Please see current class schedule.