Daily Life

Every day begins with a ten-minute Morning Circle for announcements and general conversation.

Monday through Thursday regular classes meet throughout the day, with a 35-minute lunch break. Morning classes are 55 minutes long, while afternoon classes meet for 2 hours on alternate days – Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday.

On Wednesdays, the Morning Circle is followed by a five- to fifteen-minute meditative Silent Circle that encourages both inner reflection and group connectedness. Wednesday classes then meet for a 2½ -hour period before lunch.

Wednesday afternoons are community time. Each week is something different. Sometimes we have presentations, such as local businesses or performers. Other times we go off-campus for Community Service, an educational field trip, or a fun activity such as bowling or miniature golf. At least once each term we have a Community Meeting, where some students take leadership roles and every student is given a chance to be heard.

Courses offered provide learning experiences which fulfill graduation requirements while enhancing life-experience and personal growth. See Course Descriptions for details about sample classes and the Class Schedule for what’s offered during the current term.

Individual classes and the school as a whole frequently go on field trips. Most are local but sometimes further, including an annual all-school trip to the coast.

Last Day of School Picnic

At the end of each school year, we gather for an all-school picnic to celebrate the year together and honor every student. Our annual yearbook is distributed, and students and teachers write notes in each other’s copy. After enjoying a BBQ lunch, each student is presented with a unique Rock Award. In the spring, the teachers begin to gather short statements or key words that embody the personality or experience of the students throughout the year and then paint / decorate a rock as an acknowledgment for their achievements.