The basis of academic life and community life at Wellsprings is articulated in our booklet of Understandings and Agreements. Every prospective student is given a hard copy when they apply. During the admissions interview, the Understandings and Agreements are discussed in detail with the student and parent/guardian. Below you can read what we call our five “Basic Agreements”.

Basic Agreements

Agreement 1: I want to be here and want to participate in the Wellsprings community.

I understand that Wellsprings Friends School is a learning community with few but very meaningful traditions and expectations. School traditions include such things as Morning Circle, Community Meetings, Silent Meetings, and Friday Activities, which are part of required credit for graduation. Expectations include performing chores, respecting all persons, and respecting the property of others. I agree to try to live up to the basic ideals of the school and to take part in community activities with a willing attitude.

Agreement 2: I am here to learn.

The mission of Wellsprings Friends School is education. While learning occurs all the time during the school day, class time is especially focused on content and processes that are important for my growth as a mature human being. I agree to take responsibility, in consultation with my advisor and other staff, for my education in general, and for meeting the specific requirements for graduation. I understand that learning requires consistent class attendance and participation in order to develop mastery of skills and intellectual growth in knowledge, critical thinking, and communication. I understand that being disruptive in class affects both students and teachers in their ability to provide and receive full learning. I agree not to be disruptive to others during class time. I agree to maintain a minimum of 80% class attendance that is essential for successful learning, full credit, and graduating on time.

Agreement 3: I will help create a safe emotional climate for everyone.

I understand that one aspect of Wellsprings Friends School that is extremely important to students and staff is the creation of a warm and supportive emotional environment. Many students here have had negative experiences at other schools with verbal abuse or physical bullying, and therefore rely on having a safe and comfortable environment at Wellsprings. I will try to act in a respectful manner towards everyone at the school, including visitors, even though I may not like some individuals as friends. I agree to avoid hurtful or insulting language and actions towards others, as well as any physical threats.

Agreement 4: I will resolve conflicts nonviolently and in a problem-solving spirit.

Conflict is a normal part of life, and so are strong emotions. When conflict and emotion result in violence, individuals and community safety are threatened, and relationships are damaged. At Wellsprings, fighting or violent arguing are not appropriate. The Wellsprings way is dialogue and problem-solving, by means of mediation or other non-violent, healing approaches to establishing fair and just results that both parties can accept. I agree to be willing to seek resolution of any conflict I have with others through non-violent, positive means.

Agreement 5: I will refrain from using drugs or alcohol at school or at any school activity.

The use of drugs and alcohol by minors is illegal, impedes learning, endangers health and safety, and degrades the reputation of the school. Furthermore, some students are recovering from addictive use in the past, and to encourage this recovery, a drug-free school environment is very important. If staff has reasonable grounds to suspect that a student is under the influence, a parent or guardian will be contacted to arrange for the safe removal from school property or activity location. I agree not to attend classes or remain on campus if I am under the influence, and I agree never to use or bring drugs or alcohol to school or any off-campus school activities such as field trips.