Tuition applies to the costs of instruction and all regular operations of the school. Our policy is that no additional fees are charged for any activity or service. Breakfast and lunch are made available to all students at no cost. All the supplies students will need for the year—art and science materials, notebooks and pencils, calculators…everything—is provided. Even for field trips there are no extra fees you must pay, regardless of transportation costs, entrance fees, and so on. It helps to pay our utility bills, staff salaries, and all the necessary operational expenses that make it possible to offer our unique program to the young people who thrive here.

Tuition for the academic year is $8,000. Payment of private tuition is possible on any of three different schedules. You can choose the schedule most suitable for you.

  • By semester. 1/2 of the annual tuition is due on September 15th and February 15th
  • Quarterly. 1/4 of the annual tuition is due on September 15th, November 15th, February 15th, and April 15th.
  • Monthly. 1/10 of the annual tuition is due on the 15th of each month, September through June.

If you choose to pay monthly or quarterly, we request that you arrange through your financial institution to have checks mailed to the school automatically via a “Bill Pay” option; or, to have regular ACH payments made to the Wellsprings Friends School bank account. Full information is available from the Head of School.

Note: For information about referral-based enrollment, click here.

Tuition assistance is available, which is determined on a case-by-case basis. We do whatever we can to support the possibility of attendance for all students who want to enroll here. Please feel free to talk to the Head of School for further information or to obtain our simple application form, which can also be downloaded here. All financial information provided is kept confidential and used only to assess family need.