Creating a Learning Community that Nurtures Young People

“The teachers don’t simply know names; they know our sons and daughters.”


For many different reasons, some teenagers have difficulty being students in the high schools they have attended. At Wellsprings, we create learning approaches that work for the individual and honor each person for who they are.

In a community of support, students are encouraged to pursue their interests with the help of teachers and other students. Typically, they experience an increase in their self-esteem and self-confidence, recognizing their ability to succeed in the world.

Who are the students Wellsprings serves?

The one theme our students have in common is that their prior educational experience was not fulfilling their needs, academically, socially or emotionally. Each student has a different reason, or combination of reasons for being at Wellsprings. Some of those factors are:

  • Being drawn to our friendly, supportive community
  • Previously homeschooled, and seeking a similar, small and safe environment
  • Have an unconventional learning style
  • Experiences of social anxiety in larger settings
  • Have had negative experiences with “clique culture” or bullying behavior
  • Previously expelled from school or rejected by others
  • Credit deficiencies
  • Difficulty meeting some academic paces
  • Has left school for an extended period, and ready to reengage

Why Wellsprings might be a good fit?

Wellsprings Friends School fills a niche in the educational offerings of our community that no other school does, as we combine the following elements in a unique blend.

  • All students are valued
  • A strong, non-judgmental community environment
  • Teachers connect well with teenagers, who are mentors as well as educators
  • Consistent individualized attention and instruction
  • Classes are creative and age-integrated, with a student/teacher ratio of 12:1
  • The ability to accommodate many learning styles
  • Our value of freedom of choice
  • Frank, honest and open dialogue focused on non-violent conflict resolution
  • All school supplies, project/art supplies and food provided at no cost for all students
  • Comfortable classroom environments
  • All-school, student-led Community Meetings
  • Frequent class and all school field trips to increase exposure to “real life” education

"Wellsprings gives us students the hope that we can succeed."

Jacob, Junior