At Wellsprings, we strive to exemplify our core values of seeing the good in each person, integrity, fairness, peaceful resolution of conflict, and working together in community.  Living these values provides the best context for productive and meaningful academic engagement and growth.

Our Mission

Wellsprings Friends School provides alternative learning approaches, supportive community, and a culture of individual affirmation, in which teenagers are mentored and assisted towards meeting the challenges of adolescence and adulthood.

Our Values

We believe in...

  • The power of Affirmation
  • The power of Community
  • The power of Self-regulation
  • The power of Nurturing
  • The power of Teaching “outside the box”
  • The power of Relationships
  • The power of Non-violence
  • The power of Silence
  • The power of Simplicity
  • The power of Acceptance
  • The power of Walking lightly on the earth

Our Goals

  • To hire as staff only people with the personal level of maturity to support the growth of each student.
  • To mutually decide with prospective students if this school is a good match for them, being open to accept and give a chance to students as much as possible.
  • To make education at Wellsprings an opening up, not a filling up; and to take the time to get to know each student and their individual learning needs.
  • To nourish a community where each person feels accepted and appreciated, and physically and emotionally safe.
  • To use dialoguing and problem-solving to deal with any issues that arise in the community.
  • To help our students develop an internal sense of responsibility rather than relying on externally imposed controls.
  • To assure delight in the ethnic, cultural, and social class diversity among our students and staff, and recognize that every individual experiences the world in a unique way.
  • To assure that our educational practices are in harmony with the Earth and with natural processes; to learn about sustaining the intricate, subtle and powerful web of life within and all around ourselves.