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Mani Shimada Memorial Fund  

Mani Shimada Memorial Fund
Opening the Golden Heart Within Teens
(Established 9.26.2003)
Mani Shimada with puppy
On September 26, 2003, Mani Shimada passed away suddenly from bacterial meningitis. Mani was in his junior year at Wellsprings. His passion and creativity were continually encouraged. Mani was growing as a person and his heart was opening up. Shortly after his death his family, friends, and Wellsprings Friends School established the Mani Shimada Memorial Fund. The Fund encourages teens to open their golden heart and helps them to realize their full potential. We value the inner goodness that every teen possesses. Through the Mani Shimada Memorial Fund, we carry on Mani's spirit as a reminder of love, compassion and courage.


The Mani Shimada Memorial Fund is dedicated to continuing the spirit of Mani Shimada and supporting the development and growth of the students at Wellsprings Friends School.


  • To support special events, programs and courses at Wellsprings that promote nonviolence and peace.
  • To financially assist students in attending Wellsprings.
  • To nurture and enrich teenagers so that they can become complete individuals and full members of our society.
  • To increase public awareness of Wellsprings in order to broaden the School's base of support and to provide an educational alternative for families in Lane County.

Supporting the Mani Shimada Memorial Fund

To augment the good work that the Fund has started, we are asking for your support. Your gifts will have a positive impact both on the teenagers and on your life, for you will know that you have helped young people realize their potential and worked to continue Mani's name. Your gifts of money, time, and knowledge are greatly needed and appreciated. We are very aware that your support is essential to the prosperity of the teenagers, the School and community.

Please consider making a generous gift that matches the needs and potential of the School and its students. Donations are tax-deductible; checks should be made out to "Wellsprings Friends School," with "Mani Shimada Memorial Fund" in the memo line. Please mail checks to:

The Mani Shimada Memorial Fund
Wellsprings Friends School
3590 W. 18th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97402

You may also contact Dennis Hoerner at (541) 686-1223 or info@wellspringsfriends.org with any questions that you might have about the School or the Fund.

Mani Shimada with tree