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Hanna Endowment Fund  

The Hanna K. Still Memorial Fund

The Hanna K. Still Memorial FundHanna Still joined the Board of Trustees as a founding member, and lavished her time, attention, and resources on Wellsprings for 18 years.  The day before she died, Hanna asked to have the minutes of the most recent Board meeting read to her.  She listened, and reaching towards them she asked to keep them next to her, and her caregiver tucked them into Hanna’s bed right beside her.  The school meant that much to her.

She was unquestionably the spiritual heart of the school, always speaking up at Board meetings to remind us of the deeper mission of Wellsprings whenever the discussion focused too much on the merely mundane.  As she herself once wrote, “Fulfillment for me is to experience the spiritual truth of any moment.” 

Hanna loved the students.  Her love was unconditional, and they knew it.  Until she became unable to do so, Hanna regularly visited Wellsprings and ‘hung out’ with the students, always making each kid she spoke to the sole focus of her attention.  Though often a student might barely know who Hanna was, they would open up to her loving warmth and share their innermost thoughts with her. 

To read about Hanna's inspiring life--fleeing the Nazis as a child, attending Quaker schools, working with Cesar Chavez, promoting alternative energy and sustainability decades ago, and so much more - click here to see a biographical article in our Autumn 2012 newsletter.

To maintain Hanna’s spirit of unconditional love into the future at Wellsprings, we have with initial support from over a dozen people established an endowment, the Hanna K. Still Memorial Fund.  We hope that gifts in Hanna’s memory will continue to be forthcoming, and that over the years the fund will grow to a size that will have a significant financial benefit. 

No one has expressed the heart of Wellsprings in her life more so than Hanna.  Contributions to the Hanna K. Still Memorial Fund will help us keep Wellsprings available for the young people who need and want the joys of learning and growing in “The Little School with the Big Heart.”