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Morning Circle

Here’s what some students shared about daily morning circle…

  • We have some silence every day. Circle is a time for the Wellsprings community to join together, put forth ideas and share news.
  • It’s a good space. It can be fun or serious. We can tell jokes, perform short skits, and share a word of the day or a book review.
  • In a circle there is no leader. Everyone is equal.
  • It’s part of a "community building credit" which most other schools don’t have.
  • You’re part of this community and it is there to support you.
  • In most schools one is emotionally and physically separated from the community starting the first part of the day. At Wellsprings you are with those who support you beginning right in the morning.
  • It is an opportunity to be creative and have fun and to sometimes have heated discussions especially when it’s about chores!
  • On Fridays we have 15 minutes of silence. We stay inward focused which is harder to do in these times.
  • Morning circle is very conducive towards the connection of the community.

Ask the students...

If music was played in the halls of school what would everyone want to hear?

  • Their own music which would lead to a very large argument that would require a meeting after school!
  • I would be kind of scared. No one would actually choose good songs to play.
  • Everyone would want different music. A huge variety. There isn't any one particular genre. Some like rap, golden age of rock, pop, country, metal, classical.

Tell me one question that you had today that wasn't answered...

  • Why is the solar system the way it is? My life is so full of questions like this.
  • How did time move so quickly between the time my alarm went off and when I woke up again?!
  • Public school was originally created during the industrial revolution to educate factory workers. Why are we still educating this way when we don't actually have as many jobs in manufacturing? A lot of issues we are facing today goes back to how students are being educated. I ask this education question in my head almost every day. Education has changed at a glacial pace over the last decades.

What do you think is the most important part of school?

  • Preparedness for interacting with the others.
  • Being able to get along with others. Just being around people and learning how to be with them!
  • How to deal with life. I've learned so much at Wellsprings: How to go forward in life, how to do taxes, how to act responsibly. I've learned so much.

March 2nd

Laser tag, pool, and games!

March 9th
Planting Trees with Parks & Rec
A great way to work outdoors while helping our environment and beautifying our community.

March 16th
350Eugene Presentation
350Eugene is a local affiliate of, an organization dedicated to helping raise awareness of and organize direct action around institutions and policies driving climate change.

March 23rd
Camp Putt Miniature Golf
How fun is miniature golf? Really fun!

The answer to last week's Guess Who at Wellsprings….!  

Here were the three clues in abbreviated version:
First Clue: This person’s first job was working with Dr. Marty Becker, "America's Veterinarian"!

Second Clue: This person was a Sound Engineer for a very talented three piece band.

Third Clue: This person ran stage sound for The Uninvited (Uninvited!) and for Mitch Ryder (Mitch Ryder!) in Whitefish, MT. 

And the answer is.....The always surprising Dawn Meckelson! Here at Wellsprings Dawn is utilizing some of her many talents keeping things humming along and everything on track! Thank you, Dawn, for everything you do for all of us in the Wellsprings Community!


We want to hear your…

…thoughts, story ideas, anecdotes, suggestions, and contributions! We want to hear all of them! Just put them in the drop-box located in the front hallway!

Wellsprings Way Newsletter Group: Chris Meeker (Ben’s dad), Sequoya Tromba, Jordin Wood, Luca Kline, Ariana Woodward, Dawn Meckelson, Dennis Hoerner, Gen Schaack.

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