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A note from the editor...

Here we are with the last Wellsprings Way issue of the 2017/18 academic year!

A big thank you to all of the students who worked on and contributed to the publication this year! Well done! And another big thank you to all of the students, teachers, staff, parents, board members, community members, and volunteers who help make Wellsprings the special place that it is.

Thanks to all for reading and keep the ideas coming! We'll see you in the Fall!


Graduating Class of 2018!

A BIG Congratulations to everyone in the Graduating Class of 2018!

Bryn Rush
DJ Kay
Sequoya Tromba
Tech Dawson
Ty Ross
Adi McKenna
Elliot Hall
Jordan Gall
Trevor Laurent
Zak Pace

Beach Day 2018...

Pictured from left to right are some of our fabulous teachers: Brad Goss, Chanci Herer, Topher Sandow, Bob Schlichting, Gen Schaack, Alex Crider-Phillips, Paul Schroder. 

by Ariana Woodward

Often times I find my mind wandering and it always leads to one of two questions: “Does my dog love me back?” or “Should I get up and make dinner?” Well since I only write about the most sophisticated things, I knew I needed to find out if my dog really does love me?!

We’re all aware of how our dogs behave, how they’ll greet us when we walk in, or how they’ll snuggle up to us when we're having a bad day. Well I’m happy to inform you the feelings are mutual. Dogs and humans both experience the love hormone when they see each other, meaning they release a whole bunch of oxytocin. So when you see your dog be sure to pet it. I'm sure it'll thank me later.


Student Art

In Chanci’s art class the students are encouraged to explore various art mediums. Below are a few projects from the past few months.

by Damacia Gardner

"Tupac" by Trinity Woodruff

A paper mache Strawberry Piñata by Alicia Woods, Jordan Gall, and Deja Williams.

A poem by Aiden McKinney

A Murder of Crows

Hair like a crow’s feather,

Eyes like that crimson blood that lurches in my veins.

With a smile rarer than any diamond,

And a heart, I cannot hold.

Transitions Class: A Token to Take Home (And Further) 
by Sequoya Tromba, graduating class

One of Wellsprings' most unique features is a class held by only one teacher in only two terms out of the year, and it's called 'Transitions'. Juniors are required to take it, and by now, the structure has been somewhat set in stone. But from an outside view, it can seem sort of confusing, and after a lot of reflection, I realized that although it's just one class, it embodies everything we're about and serves a thousand purposes at once.

Paul, the teacher of Transitions, says the curriculum has three main questions at the center which the students are asked to try and learn how to answer: "Who am I?", "What do I want to do?", and "How do I get there?" It's not just about answering them now, it's about learning how to answer them procedurally, at every step of the way in life. Transitions is a class about realism in a chaotic world, to take the fear out of things like money, investment, applying for jobs, going to college or not going to college.

The first term is aimed more towards these big questions with a more broad scope, while the second term focuses heavily on specifics-- how do I do taxes? How do I invest money, and what is investment as a concept? Paul says 'investment' is such an important concept that even people uninvolved in schools might do well to teach their kids how big a role it has in their lives. Delayed gratification is something a lot of students, myself included, were still having trouble with when we went into Transitions.

When he started teaching this class over a decade ago, there was a stronger focus on college in specific, and now he sees it as something that's becoming a less broadly available option. However, he is adamant that gaining more skills and training is absolutely essential, no matter where anyone goes. One of Transitions' bigger-scale goals is to encourage that lifelong learning, even if college doesn't factor into it. Paul still spends plenty of time going into specifics of degrees, colleges, and education as a tool, but like all things in the class, he wants to be true to how life is-- there are a lot of routes towards a lot of goals, and treating that with realism instead of fear made Transitions, for me, an incredibly gratifying and helpful class.

Sometimes it seems like Wellsprings is seen from the outside as a safety net for kids who have trouble with other schools, but I don't think it needs to be just that at all. Things like Transitions are better for kids than the curriculum provided at other high schools, no matter what background that kid has. Paul sees it as a limitation of time and resources for other schools, but I agree with him that it's a tragedy other places don't put more of a focus on it-- because as time went on, I realized how important Transitions is to the people here. It's one of the many reasons Wellsprings works as a first option for kids looking for a good high school, not a second or third option. And in these final weeks of my final year here, I'm realizing that this transition out of high school will be one of the hardest.

But through the fear of it, I was prepared for this transition. I plan to move through life focusing on those three questions Paul posed at the beginning of the class: and to keep growing, whatever weird path I make. So while this article is an information piece, to highlight what I think is probably the most important class at Wellsprings, it's also a 'thank you'.

Thank you, Paul, for giving me a token to take home -- and further.


June 14th
Last Day of School & Trip to Fern Ridge Reservoir
The yearly celebration of a lunch BBQ, yearbook signing, and rock awards at Richardson Park on Fern Ridge Reservoir.

June 15th 10am
Graduation Practice

Seniors only.

June 16th 10am
First Christian Church, 1166 Oak St, Eugene

Join us in celebrating the students graduating this year!

September 5th
First day of 2018/19 school year

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