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Our newsletter team hopes you are enjoying each edition of The Wellsprings Way. We try to "change it up" in each newsletter with a mix of light reporting, stories, poems, and art from the students, and the current "Upcoming Events". Have an idea of something that you would like to see? Let us know by replying to this email!




Have you ever looked closely at an eye, or tried to draw one? Not an easy thing to draw but Elliot Hall, student at Wellsprings, drew this one in less than 5 minutes!


A poem from a student......

Lost in the maze of my mind I lose my way with twists and turns. Crashed trains of thoughts never fixed.


'Endtroducing' the second edition of: "Write or Wrong?!"

(a satirical book review service wherein books that are not books are given reviews that aren't reviews.)

The Wristband, "That I Found On The Floor".

By Sequoya Tromba, Senior (4th year at Wellsprings).

Last Thursday, on a happenstance encounter with the floor as a result of shoddy vambraces, I was met with a peculiarly-shaped donut-- one meant to be attached to the small wrist that most humans possess. Now, I know this is a book review service, and I'm happy to report that like most things I review, this was definitely a book. Upon slipping it on my fingers and then my hand-attachment, my brain was filled with the exercising impulses that an athlete often feels while jogging or jumping, and I immediately realized not only the power of the wristband, but also its academic literocity that was enticing, enthralling, and enticing all at once.

Written affectionately by some sort of celestial being, "That I Found On The Floor" is not only transparent, but also trans-friendly, and also trans-parent-friendly. With a shape that accommodates just about every bodily shape, I can't imagine any sort of scenario in which a member of the LGBTQ+ community wouldn't be able to slip its succulent body on their skin, or read its immaculately-written contents with their nonconventional eyes. As a gay man myself, I realize that most books have words only legible to straight people, such as "line" and "tangent", which I have always had trouble comprehending. This bracelet foregoes those requirements by lacking not just words, but also concepts at all.

Really, this object, "That I Found On The Floor", is more of a feeling than a book. Who am I to typecast it into one physical form or another? My favorite literary character, "BoJack Horseman", once posed a very relevant question, but one I hate as much as my favorite literary character, "BoJack Horseman": What are its physical properties? And my answer is: What a terrible question. My neurons must fire at twice their normal pace to even comprehend this idea. My bracelet is around my wrist, and reading it makes me want to write in the Daily Review more than anything. Isn't that enough?

I love books. I love this bracelet, "That I Found On The Floor". I love how it feels in my brain and wrist. My brain feels great. I love my brain. I love this bracelet and brain. I love how it makes my wrist feel. I feel great about my wrist. The plot of this book is so great, you don't even know.



April 12th
Last day of term!


April 12th
Lane County High School Job Fair for Seniors
For graduating seniors looking for jobs and career direction. Forty employers who are currently hiring will be on hand to meet with students and discuss job openings (At The Bob Keefer Center/Willamalane Park District in Springfield).

Elevate Lane County Job Fair

April 12th
Open House at Wellsprings, 5-7pm!
This is an outreach event for prospective students and their parents/guardians. There will be two more before the end of the school year. Please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested in learning more about Wellsprings.

April 13th
Grading Day, no school.

April 14th, Saturday, 10am – 4pm
Work Party!
Please help us spruce up our grounds and building! Work alongside parents, staff, teachers, students and the choir members and members of the Eugene Mennonite Church who use the main building. Come at a time that works for you and stay as long as you wish! If you have any tools to help with the tasks at hand bring them along!

April 16th
First day of new term.

April 20th
Partnering with the Walama Restoration Project

Students will be continuing the work of removing non-native and invasive plant species and planting native plants in their place in Alton Baker Park. It's a great way to work outdoors while helping our environment and beautifying our community.

April 27th
“We Are Neighbors”, a play based on the photography exhibit

Did you happen to see the We Are Neighbors February photo exhibit in the foyer of Wellsprings? Thanks to Community Alliance of Lane County and Minority Voices Theater, the play they have created based on the photography exhibit is coming to Wellsprings. We Are Neighbors, the touring version of Now, I Am Your Neighbor, is an original play telling the true stories of courage, hopefulness and resilience of immigrants and refugees living in Lane County. Read more about it: Community Alliance of Lane County

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