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So what are those rocks at the base of the tree outside the school about?!

Part I
At the end of each school year teachers and staff present to the students, "The Rock Awards”! This eagerly anticipated event involves stories and observations about every student. As one student comments, “It’s a fun way to show that each student has their own thing going on. Everyone gets shout-outs.”

The entire staff spends a great deal of time discussing what phrase to put on each rock, and then they divide up the rocks and paint them. On the last day, after a picnic lunch and the signing of yearbooks, one by one each student is given a hand-painted Rock Award that reflects what the student has been doing the past year, or some striking characteristic of theirs, or a special passion they have.

Below are a few of the rocks given out in previous years. We will list more rocks in future issues.
Technicolor Dream Hair Rock….."because my hair was rainbow colored. The rock was lit! It’s at home on my shelf."
Squirrel Rock….."I’m never in one spot for long just like a squirrel. I’m always running around!"
New Thom Yorke Rock...The lead singer’s name of the English rock band Radiohead is Thom Yorke..."and I visited New York for a week." Get it?!

Introducing the first edition of: "Write or Wrong?!"

We hope to publish more writings of all kinds, artwork, and other submissions by Wellsprings students. Here is the first one!

(a satirical book review service wherein books that are not books are given reviews that aren't reviews.)

John Oliver's The Fellowship of the Ring

By Sequoya Tromba, Senior (4th year at Wellsprings)

"In this explosive sequel to John Oliver's previous novel, Late Night with John Oliver, our friendly Olivery fellow enters an entirely new realm, one inundated with orcs, elves, orcs, and institutional classism.

John Oliver, the protagonist, is a self-described ring-bearer for a wedding which never ends up occurring, and meets up with fellow late-night-show-host John Stewart, whom he builds a strong rapport with. They must eventually marry to share taxes and avoid the economical supermassive anomaly of John Colbert's new tyrannical reign, and in a twist of fate, they end up completely lacking any love in the relationship at all.

I love this book. Not only do I love its storytelling, which aptly mixes the non-chronological narrative style of Blood Meridian and the brutalistic, visceral cinematography of The Ninth Star Wars Novelization In A Row, but also does a great job of painting a utopic, dystopic future where only political commentary can be used as currency.

Really, this story demonstrates how every single thing must be commentary on something else, and can never stand on its own. Original thoughts and ideas are dead ends, and probably signs of mental illness. This idea has struck me as especially convenient, as it means I don't have to come up with a single original critique of this story-- instead stealing wholesale from my good and old good old friend Crober, the perhaps ninth person to circulate this article about John Oliver's The Fellowship of the Ring. Even this anecdotal musing at the end of the article wasn't written by me. It's all Crober.

I will now proceed to showcase my actual writing ability and attempt to emulate (though not fully simulate, for fear of arrest) an "original idea".




March 16th (took place last Friday)
350Eugene Presentation
350Eugene is a local affiliate of, an organization dedicated to helping raise awareness of and organize direct action around institutions and policies driving climate change. Representatives from Beyond War Northwest and the Youth Alliance will also make brief presentations.

March 23rd
Camp Putt Miniature Golf
How fun is miniature golf? Really fun!

March 26th-30th
Spring Break

Need we say more?!

April 14th, Saturday (time to be announced)
Work Party!
Please help us spruce up our grounds and building! Work alongside parents, staff, teachers, students, and the choir members and members of the Eugene Mennonite Church who use the main building.
April 20th
Partnering with the Walama Restoration Project

A great way to work outdoors while helping our environment and beautifying our community.
We will be continuing the work of removing non-native and invasive plant species and planting native plants in their place in Alton Baker Park.

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