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Ye ole Oak Tree

During the big snowstorm the beloved oak tree in front of the school decided to finally rest its weary limbs and lay down. Thankfully it was caring to the end and plunked down on the grass instead of our school building! One can imagine it wasn't a quiet "lay down" either! Measuring almost 4' in diameter and over 11' in circumference, this was an impressive tree. It germinated in 1894, a year before Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor, proved the feasibility of radio communication! Little known fact, eh?!


What now, we ask? This is Wellsprings, after all, where creativity reigns so.....

Neva Gruver, who has been teaching "Out There Art" at the school is excited for the students to make an art piece from the stump. Dan Shultz, with Oregon Wood Slabyrinth, has been helping with the tree and is going to mill the wood for potential use as tabletops and benches for the school in exchange for being able to use the rest of the wood for his projects. And Alex and Brandon, students at Wellsprings, (see other newsletter article below for more info) hope to make a guitar body with some of the wood, as well. Wow!


As one student said, "When do we plant a new tree"? Stay tuned.... 

Art Class

Chanci structures her art classes much like her freshman college art teacher taught her. Her teacher believed adamantly in the approach that, "I’m not going to teach you anything. You’re going to train your eye and teach yourself!" Chanci says, "My teacher made us always draw from something we were looking at, either with a 2D surface or a model (3D). That switching back and forth between 2D and 3D made drawing 2D way easier. So in my class everyone starts with drawing a self-portrait by looking in a mirror, which is really hard because you’re constantly moving. But when the student switches to a 2D drawing then it makes it so much easier." 

In Chanci’s art class the students are encouraged to explore various art mediums. Below are a couple of paintings-in-progress by Alyssa.



Ever imagined making a musical instrument?

Well, Brandon and Alex, two students at Wellsprings, have done more than to imagine it. These two have learned how to shape wood into electric guitars!

Alex’s grandfather is a certified carpenter and has been mentoring Alex and Brandon in how to work with wood. And Alex, who has been working with wood longer than Brandon, has in turn helped teach Brandon, as well. The two go to Alex’s grandfather’s shop every other week averaging 15 hours or so. 
The two get to practice their math skills by figuring out how much wood is needed, how to measure it to maximize the use of the wood, and to calculate the distances between the bridge, the pickups, the neck pocket, etc. Brandon says, “The distances have to be precise or else the entire guitar can be ruined.”

Pictured below is a Telecaster Stratocaster hybrid that he made. Brandon shared, “The wood is from an old family hutch that has been in my family for 45 years. I wanted to remember the heirloom by making something useful and meaningful out of it.”

Brandon finds the work to sometimes be relaxing and sometimes he wants to “pull his hair out!” “Building something you love and putting all the small details in is really personal work. It just makes me happy; even the stressful parts make me happy.”

Brandon is doing an apprenticeship with a local building contractor and is looking forward to continuing with them upon graduation. Brandon wanted everyone to know that Alex has an amazing aptitude for building guitars and has taught him so much and that he is indeed the reason that Brandon has gotten to learn how to make guitars.

April 5th
Burrito Missionaries/Community Service Friday

April 12th
Term 4 Registration

April 18th
Term 3 ends

May 3rd
All School Outing to Wildlife Safari!

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