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This event began in 2004,inspired by our school head’s stories of a Free Store in Buffalo, New York in the 1970s, and has become a standard happening for us. Collection of items begins a month ahead of the date to collect the maximum amount of usable second-hand goods to offer on the day of the event. Each year many people, strangers as well as Wellsprings community members, have donated hundreds of items for us to give away.

Many satisfied ‘customers’ leave the sale expressing their shock that everything is free. As a child said one day with a toy in hand, “You mean, I can take this for free?” Yancey DeYoung, the coordinator of the event, expressed why she continues to work on this project: “There is no greater feeling than to give things away. People are always shocked and surprised when I encourage them to take what they need. The satisfaction of making someone smile is priceless--or in this case, free.”

Call Yancey at the school office (686-1223) if you would like to donate items for our free sale or to volunteer to help with the event.

Call today to donate items.  Thank you for supporting our community service project!