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TERM 2,   Winter 2018/2019

Community Building* [CB]

Morning Circle        (Monday - Friday 9:00-9:10)

Silent Meeting         (Friday 9:10-9:25)

Community Activity  (Friday 1:00-3:00)

*Required for Graduation


First Period M-Th (9:20-10:15)

Math (mixed levels) [MA] Bob Mod N
Guitar [AF] Paul Big Room
Reading Circle [LA] Brad Map Room
Mindfulness [HE] Chanci Mod S

Second Period M-Th (10:25-11:20)

Math (mixed levels) [MA] Bob Mod N
Government [SS] Paul Map Room
Figure Drawing  [AF]  Chanci Mod S
Short Stories  [LA] Brad Library
Chemistry  [SC] Steve Lab Room

Third Period M-Th (11:30-12:25)

Math (mixed levels) [MA] Bob Mod N
Team Sports [PE] Paul The Bus
Singing Songwriting  [AF] Chanci

Big Room

Thank Ford: Brave New World  [LA]  Brad Map Room
Earth Science  [SC] Steve Lab Room
Math (mixed levels) [MA]GenMod S


Block Period M/W (1:00-3:00)

Psychology  [SS]  Bob Mod N
Transitions  [SS] Paul Map Room
Arguments & Opinions  [LA] BradLab Room
Sm. Group Communication  [LA] Chanci Mod S
Human Evolution  [SC]    GenLibrary


Block Period Tu/Th (1:00-3:00)

Native American History  [SS] Bob Mod N
Post it  [LA]ChanciMod S
Sci Fi Film: Space Out  [SS] Brad Lab Room/Big Room
Transitions  [AF] Paul Map Room


Friday Classes (9:40-12:15)

Role Playing   [EL] Bob/Brad/Sequoya Multiple
Jam & Ketchup  [PE]     Paul Map Room
Cooking  [AF]ChanciKitchen
Sewing  [AF] Neva Big Room