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Paul Schroder"What I love most about Wellsprings is the students.  I am never bored by the variety in personalities and styles that walk through these doors. I love the academic freedom we have.  We can meet the students where they are and take it in almost any direction.  Everyday is filled with teachable moments.  No two days are the same.

The biggest joy is watching the growth that the students make both personally and intellectually.  Sometimes it is slow and sometimes it is quick.  But, no one spends significant time at Wellsprings without changing (including me).  I love to watch that progression."

-- Paul


Chanci Herer"The thing I love about teaching at Wellsprings is the realness. Everyday is a new day and when you give yourself the freedom to own that philosophy, life becomes undeniably amazing. I have learned just as much, if not more, than I have taught.

The joys come from finding a successful path through the challenges. More specifically, the main challenges have to to with personality conflicts and making sure that my actions are in line with my intentions. To me the joys and the challenges of teaching here are not much different than the joys and challenges of living life. Am I really doing my best everyday, and if not, have I learned by the end of the day something that will help me do better tomorrow?"

-- Chanci