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"I love how much of a community this school is. Everyone works together to solve problems and make things happen. I also love going on fieldtrips and going out and doing things with the school. I like having community meetings because I know if I ever have any problems, I can just bring it up during the meeting, and people will listen." - Talea

"I like how everyone is different, but everyone is accepted. I also like how the teachers are understanding and not intimidating." - Alexandra

"My first impression of the school was that it was crazy cool that all the jocks were hanging out with the nerds. This school works a lot harder than public school to build community. The almost constant air of community building is an experience in itself." - Nathan

"Not only am I enjoying learning and going to school, I am getting something out of it. This in my opinion is the best thing possible for a learning experience. There really is nothing more I could ask from Wellsprings. All I can be is thankful that I got into this school and met such great teachers and made so many friends in such a great community. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better way to learn things and not get entirely discriminated against for being the person I am. This is the most important thing: being able to learn in an environment that you yourself feel safe being in." - Ian

"Since going to Wellsprings I have learned I can figure stuff out on my own. I have been taught in a real-world kind of way. I’m more mature. I’ve realized that I have made some mistakes, and I just try to fix them." -Luigi

"What I like about Wellsprings is that you are almost your own teacher. You only get out what you put into your work. If you don’t do your work, you won’t succeed. But if you apply yourself you can learn at your own pace." -Ryan

"Wellsprings has made me a more open-minded person. I deal better with social interactions outside of school and I have become more responsible. My outlook on life has improved greatly and I plan to stay in Wellsprings for the rest of high school." - Desirae

"The environment at Wellsprings make kids feel comfortable, and when people are in a place they feel comfortable, they flourish. I think that it’s a combination of the place (the home-like building), the people, and how we are in a community that makes it so comfortable. I really do like that we have community building and chores, because it has shown me we all need to pull our weight to make things work. At public school we were all just fish battling to get upstream. Here, at Wellsprings we help everyone out." - Brigid