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"I think Wellsprings is such a great school because they respect the students

as individuals and encourage them to try what it is they want to do. I feel like
the teachers are caring, not because it is their job but because it is their mission.
Since enrolling our son into Wellsprings, I have a lot more peace of mind. I
know he is in good hands. We know he is going to be a different, better person
than he would have been if he had stayed in public school."
- Parent

"One of my favorite things about my daughter going to Wellsprings is that
she feels comfortable talking with her teachers, and she isn’t treated like
just a number. I am very glad we found Wellsprings. It was just what she
- Parent

"Wellsprings teachers are barrier lifters. They see the blocks in the way of
students who are math phobic or who don’t like to read, and then move those
blocks out of the way. They figure out how to help a student learn where
traditional methods have failed. They look for the strengths in each child,
not the weaknesses."
- Parent

"If we were to summarize our observations of the student experience from
parental eyes, we’d say:
~ Wellsprings is a safe, warm and inviting place to learn.
~ Our daughters and sons are respected, not punished, for their uniqueness.
~ Individual strengths are acknowledged and affirmed.
~ Students are engaged with their teachers, not lectured to, and are an
   active part of their own learning processes.
~ They can learn as much as they want to or need to as slowly or as quickly
   as they are able.
~ Their high school education will be a positive experience for them."
- Parents