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Anna Lankutis

Anna Lankutis serves a vital and universally-appreciated role as our Kitchen Coordinator.  Although Anna started in the fall, 2015, she is the parent of a 2003 graduate and has been somewhat associated with the school since 2001!  Anna retired after 26 years of work in many phases of community social work and children's programs. She loves working in the kitchen and serving students, and is delighted to be able to give back to the school in this special way.

Bob Schlichting

Bob Schlichting has a B.S. in Special Education K-12 and Secondary Psychology with a minor in Sociology/Anthropology. For four-plus years he worked at Aerie Academy as headmaster, counselor, and instructor. Prior to that, Bob worked in Lewiston, Idaho, at Northwest Children's Home as a Special Education instructor dealing with socially and emotionally disturbed children. Bob has been teaching Math, Psychology, Human Sexuality, Music History, and other classes at Wellsprings since the fall of 2001.

Brad Goss

Brad Goss first came to Wellsprings in 2013 to assist in Math and Writing classes.  A University of Oregon graduate with a degree in English, Brad taught a popular Literature class throughout the 2014/15 school year. He began teaching full-time in the fall, 2015, offering a wide range of language arts classes.

Chanci Herer

Chanci Herer graduated with a BA in English/Writing from Southern Oregon University. Before coming to Wellsprings, she volunteered at Ashland High School as an ASPIRE mentor, a writing tutor, and an English as a Second Language (ESL) assistant. She has published one short story and is an avid poet as well as a singer/songwriter. Chanci came to Wellsprings in September 2005. Although mainly teaching language arts classes, Chanci has also taught Singing/Songwriting, Drawing, Small Group Communications, Meditation, and more. In June 2017, after almost two years of a grueling schedule of graduate studies while teaching fulltime and raising two young children, Chanci received her Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Western Oregon University.

Dawn Meckelson

Dawn Meckelson took on the challenging position as our Operations Manager in mid-September, 2014.   She has over 15 years of experience in administration and customer service.   Dawn has worked in both the health industry and the veterinary industry, and has volunteered for several years in programs that serve youth.

Deborah Mallery

Deborah Mallery is joining Wellsprings this coming school year as our Special Education Coordinator. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree with a minor in Special Education. Deborah has worked 29 years as a special educator, in California and locally.  She retired in 2017 from the Bethel School District after serving there for 23 years. Her desire to continue to work with youth and provide support in special education is an area she is excited to return to.

Dennis Hoerner

Dennis Hoerner serves as School Head. He holds a Ph.D. in English, specializing in Literature and Psychology. He has over 25 years experience teaching in higher education, including thirteen years at a Japanese public university. He served as Humanities Division Chair at Lindsay Wilson College, a liberal arts church-related college in Columbia, Kentucky. He worked for a year at Lane Community College in student advising. Dennis has been with Wellsprings since July, 2000.

Gen Schaack

Gen Schaack has BAs in both Mathematics and Fine Arts from the University of Oregon. While there, she cultivated her love of education by working in the Math and Science Libraries as a tutor. In 2017, she completed her Master’s degree in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management, with an emphasis on educational policy making. A part-time teacher during the 2015/16 school year, Gen joined us full-time beginning in the fall of 2016. Her duties include serving as the Dean of Students and also teaching math, art, and other classes.

Paul Schroder

Paul Schroder has a B.A. in History and Political Science, a M.A. in Secondary Social Studies, and a J.D. While practicing law, he worked as a prosecutor as well as a workers' compensation attorney. He has an Oregon teaching license, and has taught World Geography and History. He also taught test preparation courses for Kaplan. Paul has been teaching at Wellsprings since the fall of 2001.

Steve Thoms

Steve Thoms has a Master of Science in anatomy from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a Bachelor’s degree in physiology from the University of California, Berkeley.  Steve operates a dojo where he teaches classes and organizes seminars in Aikido, Iaido, and Zazen. He started at Wellsprings in the fall of 2014, and teaches one or two classes each term, including a variety of basic science classes as well as a popular philosophy class.