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Silent Meeting to Quiet the Mind and Body


Once a week, the school community gathers for Silent Meeting, a practice of value for our daily lives and an ongoing connection with our Quaker heritage. As the whole group settles into a sustained period of silence, every person seeks to quiet the mind and body. This is a time for deep personal reflection, and community oneness.

Out of the deep quiet, anyone may speak and share thoughts and feelings with the group. If someone does speak out of the silence, it is respectful to wait briefly before another person speaks, so that there is silence between messages.

During the silent meeting it is not appropriate to talk, whisper, touch others, pass notes, make noise, listen to headphones, share seats, leave the room, or in any way disturb the peaceful atmosphere. Reading is also not allowed, although quiet writing or drawing in journals is okay.

The silent meeting lasts fifteen minutes, and ends when the timekeeper says "Good morning, friends" and everyone in the circle holds hands.