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The Wellsprings school day centers around creative classes and community spirit. We manifest this spirit in our daily Morning Circle, afternoon chore activities, and weekly community and "Silent" Meetings, but it can be seen throughout the day in the friendly and open relationships among staff and students.

Monday through Thursday regular classes meet throughout the day, with a 45-minute lunch break. Morning classes are 55 minutes long, afternoon classes meet for 2 hours on alternate days-MW and TuTh.

Fridays are a unique day at Wellsprings. The day begins with Morning Circle, followed by a fifteen minute Silent Meeting in the Friends (Quaker) tradition that encourages inner reflection and group connectedness. Classes then meet for a 2-hour block period before lunch. Afternoons on Friday are community time, to be spent either in Community Meeting or in other activities and field trips. At community meetings each student is given a chance to be heard on any issues s/he feels are important.

Courses offered provide learning experiences which fulfill graduation requirements while enhancing life-experience and personal growth. See Course Descriptions for details about classes and the Class Schedule for courses offered during the current term.

Individual classes and the school as a whole frequently go on field trips, both local and as far as Portland or Ashland or the coast.

At the end of each school year, we gather for an all-school picnic to celebrate the year together and honor every student.  Our annual yearbook is distributed and students and teachers write notes in each other's copy.