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Wellsprings Trustee John Etter

John Etter of Portland, Oregon is a very devoted member of the Eugene Friends Meeting.  He attended Scattergood Friends School in Iowa, which he considers as having yielded experiences that continue to direct his life in positive ways.  To help other high school students gain similar benefits, John has been an enthusiastic supporter of Wellsprings since its founding in 1994.  His younger daughter, Angela, was in the first graduating class in 1996.   John is a retired landscape architect, having spent many years with the city of Eugene planning and designing parks, planning bike paths, and consulting on urban beautification.

Wellsprings Trustee John Morse

John Morse joined the Board in October 2017. A retired California public school educator of thirty-nine years, he has served as a teacher, school principal, director of instruction and assistant-superintendent for instructional services. John has had diverse experience developing and supporting high-quality alternative programs for students. He is very committed to the mission of Wellsprings and in helping all students reach their intended personal, graduation and/or post-secondary training goals. John is a team player and enjoys working positively and collaboratively with all members of this unique school community to ensure student success.

Wellsprings Trustee Lisette Ewing

Lisette Ewing has been a Special Education teacher since 1984. She has taught in Illinois, Idaho, S. Carolina and Oregon, headed a professional organization, and been part of state working groups in her field. Lisette has published articles and lectured internationally about art for blind and visually impaired students. A profile in the newsletter of the Eugene Friends Meeting, which she attends, noted that “those who know her can’t miss her passion and pizzazz!”  The individualized curriculum for alternative learners at Wellsprings fits Lisette's educational philosophy very well. She joined the Board in September 2011. 

Wellsprings Trustee Miriam Whiteley

Miriam Whiteley has been a Waldorf class teacher and served on the governing body of the school.  In addition she led the school through the WASC-AWSNA accreditation process.  Supporting the development of the human being in the education process was deeply rewarding, and she’s excited about the opportunity to continue such work at Wellsprings. Miriam has a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Finance from California State University, Long Beach, and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and advisor. After a chapter of life devoted to mothering and teaching in California, Miriam moved to Eugene, a change that offered the opportunity to pursue her initial vocational intention as a financial planner with an eldercare focus. She is now a financial advisor with Roehl & Yi Investment Advisors, a local independent firm. Miriam joined the Board of Trustees in June 2017, and currently serves as Treasurer.

Wellsprings Trustee Susan Macomson

Susan Macomson has worked in the Arts all her life.  She was a pre-school teacher for 20 years, and also taught teachers how to teach art.  Back in the day Susan was a climbing guide as well as a member of Portland Mountain Rescue, and also worked with Portland Juvenile Services helping kids develop leadership skills through outdoor programs.  Currently she is doing a lot of work on environmental and justice issues.  Susan joined the Board of Trustees in February, 2017.  She looks forward to bringing her art and all the parts of her life to share with the Wellsprings community. 

Hanna Still

In Memoriam

Hanna Still, beloved Trustee since the 1994 founding of the school, passed away on July 11, 2012.  For nearly two decades, Hanna provided tireless support and leadership for the Wellsprings mission.  She will be dearly missed.

Click here to read about Hanna's life, see photos, and learn about the Hanna K. Still Memorial Fund, in our Autumn 2012 newsletter.