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Each district has a different procedure for obtaining a referral to attend Wellsprings. These guidelines are separate from the Wellsprings admissions process, which must be completed prior to enrollment here.

Eugene 4J

Any student living in the 4J district, must go to their zone high school, whether having been enrolled before in that school or not, and talk with either their counselor or the appointed person in the building for a referral.

        High School Appointed Person      Phone
North Eugene High School Eric Anderson 541-790-4500
Sheldon High School Carey Killen 541-790-6600
South Eugene High School Stephanie Cannon 541-790-8000
Churchill High School Molly Hammans 541-790-5100

For general questions about alternative education options, you can contact the Early College & Career Option Center at 541-463-3930. 

Bethel School District

The following procedure applies to all students living within the Bethel School district boundaries.

  1. Contact Willamette High School Counseling Center and make an appointment to request a release
    from the District  
  2. Visit/sit in on a few classes at Wellsprings.
  3. If still interested in pursuing a release/referral, meet with their WHS counselor and if approved,
    obtain signed release paperwork.
  4. Return signed paperwork to Wellsprings and then begin attending.

Other School Districts

Smaller school districts each have their own process for referral. Contact either your high school counselor or principal for instructions on how to apply for a referral. 

Other Information to Remember:

  • Every school district has the right to withdraw a referral for a student. This can be done for a variety of reasons. Check with your individual district for rules concerning referral withdrawal.
  • Attendance is a major factor for both the referring district and for Wellsprings. Our school day is from 9:00am-3:00pm every day, Monday-Friday. Students are expected to attend at least 80% of school days for credit.