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Admissions Process
Referral Process
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Together we will fully explore what your student needs and wants, and what Wellsprings Friends School requires and is able to offer. 

To begin the process of obtaining a referral, contact the appropriate person in your home school district. Each school district has their own policies and procedures regarding referrals. District approval is not automatic. 

High School Contact Information

Churchill High SchoolAme Beard541-790-5100
Kalapuya High SchoolStormy Smith541-607-9853
North Eugene High School Kathleen Allison 541-790-4500
Sheldon High School Mary Livermore 541-790-6600
South Eugene High School Melinda Shull 541-790-8013
Willamette High School Barbara Roberts 541-689-0736

Every school district has the right to withdraw a referral for a student. This can be done for a variety of reasons. Check with your individual district for rules concerning referral withdrawal.

Attendance is a major factor for both the referring district and for Wellsprings. 

Our school day is from 9:00am-3:00pm every day, Monday-Friday. Students are expected to attend at least 80% of school days for credit.