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We accept applications year-round. These are the steps to follow:

A. Visit Us

Before applying for admission, it is extremely helpful for prospective students and their parents to spend some time at the school talking with staff and other students. During the school year, this usually starts with a brief tour of the school.  Then, arrangements are made for the prospective student to spend one entire day at Wellsprings, to experience the life of the school and to provide more of a concrete basis for deciding whether Wellsprings is the school for her/him.

During the summer, we encourage students and parents to visit the school for a tour, during which you can see the facilities and get a ‘feel’ for the daily life of the school through seeing the layout of our classrooms, student artwork, etc. A staff member will describe our program in detail and answer any questions.  Periodically there are also Open Houses held during the summer.

B. Application

The next step is to turn in a completed application.  In addition to basic information, various permission forms and so on, the application includes a questionnaire for parents/guardians to complete and a questionnaire for the student to respond to.  These help us to get to know the student, which is so important in our program.

C.  Interview with Prospective Student and Parent/s or Guardian

The final step in our admission process is the interview, which is more like a conversation.  It offers a chance for students, parents, and staff of Wellsprings to deal openly and honestly with questions and concerns.  During the interview we will:

  • Answer any questions.
  • Talk about student and parent expectations of Wellsprings.
  • Talk about past school experiences and articulate what needs to be changed for a student to experience success.
  • Talk about the student’s interests and goals.
  • Explore the reasons for wanting to attend Wellsprings.
  • Talk about our expectations of students, about what it means to be involved in this learning community, based on Understandings and Agreements.

Sometimes a student will be admitted before an interview takes place, but an interview will be scheduled as soon as possible thereafter.

D.  Enrollment

After we have fully explored together what the student needs and wants, and what Wellsprings Friends School requires and is able to offer, we mutually decide if there is a good match and the student will be enrolled here.  

Students may enroll privately on a tuition-paying basis, or on referral from a public school district.  Tuition cost for a school year is $8,000.  This amount can be paid by semester, quarterly, or monthly, depending on what is most convenient.  Tuition assistance is available for those who need it and we encourage applications.  

Each school district has their own policies and procedures regarding referrals, and granting them is not automatic.  To begin the process of obtaining a referral, contact the appropriate person in your district.  Information is available on our website (“Referral Process” under “Admissions”) or by calling your district office.  If you have any questions, please
call us.