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The good news about the matching gift offered at the Toast ‘N’ Roast was that immediately that evening nearly 40% of the goal was pledged!  We had hoped that by now we would be able to report that we had reached or surpassed that $50,000 goal. But the news so far is that we have reached only a little over the half-way point…

Please don’t let this opportunity slip by! “Lightning
struck twice” - last year and this year - but we know we cannot count on such good fortune continuing. Your donations are needed now! 

Please send a contribution, which will be doubled, dollar for dollar - but only until June 30th. 

At the Toast ‘N’ Roast, current student Emily and ’08 alum Keegan shared their stories of transformation thanks to their education at Wellsprings. You can help other young people benefit from this unique community asset. Please mail your contribution today, or donate online

Thank you! 

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